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About Solark
Solark is a blockchain-based private messaging and group chat platform designed to provide secure communication, private group management, and robust privacy protection. Solark allows users to engage in peer-to-peer messaging, paid messaging, group chats, and more without worrying about data leaks or privacy concerns. All messages and group chats are encrypted and transmitted via blockchain, ensuring data security. Solark utilizes advanced encryption technology to encrypt every interaction, ensuring maximum privacy protection for users.
Solark Features
Solark is a user-friendly protocol that enables private communication and group message management.
Engage in encrypted one-on-one chats with friends on Solark.
Share interesting icons or NFT images with friends through chat.
Group Chats
Create groups and chat with multiple friends simultaneously.
Enhance your chatting experience with emojis.
Initiate chats with users of interest and make direct payments using your wallet.
Messages are transmitted in encrypted form, visible only when logged into your account and wallet; others without access to your wallet can never transmit or view your information.
Advanced Features
Additional advanced features will be provided for those who stake solark tokens.
Solark Token $LARK


Total Supply:10 Billion

Contract Address: 4ucdZvDP32ngVonnYsRLEjNYrv1A2zVSKoiViU6osqTP

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Solark Tokenomics
In Solark, a single-token model will be adopted to provide a sustainable ecological operation for the entire product operation, value creation, and value accumulation mechanism, with a total supply of 10 billion tokens.
Team and Investors
Liquidity Pool
Platform Incentives
Solark Roadmap
Phase 1.0

1. Beta application

2. Recruitment of initial users

3. Website development

4. Whitepaper creation

5. Community building

6. Pre-launch marketing

7. Social media setup

Phase 2.0

1. Launch presale

2. First Raydium liquidity provision

3. Liquidity provision burn

4. New application features - Integration of AI chatbots

5. Development and creation of AI characters

6. Marketing campaigns

7. Verification on Dexscreener, Dextools, Birdeye

8. Listing on CoinMarketCap, CoinGecko

Phase 3.0

1. Major feature releases:

- Addition of new friend and chat functionalities

- Introduction of Solark node mining and app rewards

- Creation of new group and chat functionalities- Decentralization of chat content to Solana

- Paid chats

2. Initial listings on centralized exchanges (CEX)

Phase 4.0

1. Addition of more chat functionalities

2. Listing on Binance and OKX


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